Why Traditional Research Fails to Measure Out-of-Home Accurately

Streetbees Team
November 03, 2019

Traditional methods have failed to reliably capture what happens in out-of-home, leaving this growth opportunity largely blind.

  1. Household panels struggle to capture many of the core OOH channels
  2. Reliance on claimed data for drivers which is based on recall and cannot be validated
  3. Traditional methods make assumptions on what people do and why they do it, and create lists that miss the nuances of consumer motivations and behaviour.

How does Streetbees’ solve this?

By delivering a granular understanding of WHAT people do and WHY in key moments of truth.

  1. An engaging app where consumers easily log their OOH experiences as they happen, Streetbees provides a holistic view of the OOH market across all channels
  2. In the moment experiences are validated and classified with photos, receipts and geo-location so you can confidently take action on growth opportunities identified
  3. With Streetbees, consumers describe their experiences, context and emotions in their own words, so you truly understand why people do what they do - to deliver in consumer-led occasions.

Streetbees’ Always ON puts the Insights function in the driver seat to identify growth spaces and advance the growth agenda 

  • Discover untapped demand across fast-growth OOH channels
  • Design OOH experiences that deliver to mood and context
  • Win new contracts by building strong partnerships with operators
  • Launch innovation projects

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