What’s the buzz about….the bees?

Phoebe at Streetbees
August 16, 2021

You may have noticed that we talk about “our bees” a lot, so we thought it was about time to clarify any misconceptions. No, we are not beekeepers. At least not in the honey-making, spacesuit-wearing, swarm-taming sense, anyway. Though we have huge respect for those people, of course.

No, bees is the term we use for the people around the world who choose to share all sorts of aspects of their lives with us through our app. Currently, there are 4.5 million of them (which, if we were talking about honey bees, would be about 150 hives worth, in case you were wondering). 

Back to our bees. Here’s a quick rundown of who they are, what they do, and why that’s almost as amazing as making honey. 

Who are the bees?

They are 4.5m mobile app users around the world who share details about their lives, behaviours, purchasing decisions and more with us. They use our app to talk to us in their own words, sharing photos, videos and free text responses in our focused stories (think surveys, but much slinkier and more insightful).

Nice. Why would they do that?

Good question. Well, firstly, they are really engaged and want to share details of their consumption habits because they want to help shape the products and consumer experiences of the future. Any psychologist will tell you that people like to be listened to, and our bees are no different. Plus, we’ll be honest, we pay them for some content too. It’s only fair when they are sharing incredibly rich details of their lives with us.

When do they share this information? Is it a diary study?

No, it’s not a diary study, and the bees are far more than a traditional panel too. Bees share their views and behaviour in the moment. That means they tell what they are consuming, while they are consuming it , and they tell us why they are buying things and what their emotional drivers are, as they’re doing it. Why? Because bees and humans both have feelings that play an important part of why they do what they do. Plus, recall sucks - even for bees. 

Where are these bees?

All over the world! We have bees in over 150 countries all sharing their stories in their own language - well over a million submissions a month, in fact. Wherever you want to grow your brand, we’ve got bees there to give you an honest insights into what’s driving product engagement. From Tennessee to Timbuktu, and from Indonesia to Ipswich - there’s a bee with a story to tell. 

How do you make sense of all that data?

Witchcraft! Well, not witchcraft, but proprietary machine learning that’s pretty close. We can turn all that unstructured data and multimedia content into accessible intelligence that drives smart decision making. That’s a big topic, so we’ll tackle that another day. 

In short, our bees are at the very heart of what we do, and who we are. They give us contextually rich, emotionally-charged insights about their lives. Which is nectar for brands. 

If you’ve got other questions about our bees, just drop us a note at phoebe@Streetbees.com and we’ll give you a buzz.


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