Taking on Challenger Brands: How Leading FMCGs Capture Consumers

Streetbees Team
November 03, 2019

Consumers’ demands are shifting fast across the world – and brands need to stay ahead of those changes to detect and act on growth opportunities. Big brands are seeing slower growth than small brands who respond faster to emerging consumer trends. Brands need to be in the moment with their consumers to address real needs.

What’s the problem with traditional research?

Traditional research captures a single snapshot in time with closed questions, and answers rely heavily on claimed behaviour. Closed questions centre on the what is happening or the demographic profile of a consumer, however real patterns in their behaviour don’t fit into a single snapshot, but unfold over the course of weeks, months, and even years. Actual behaviour differs as consumers don’t remember what they’ve done, and their decisions are hugely influenced by their feelings and surroundings at that moment in time.

How is traditional research being challenged?

Streetbees is challenging this broken model and is providing richer in the moment insights to the world’s largest brands whilst also slashing research costs with our unique approach. Streetbees uses an Always ON approach, capturing behaviour at any time of the day, day of the week, or season within the year.

“We’ve uncovered that only 25% of our F&B decisions can be attributed to demographic data, with the other 75% belonging to feelings and context.”

How does Streetbees’ AlwaysON work?

Streetbees observes the moment of decision, verified by photos and described by consumers’ in their own words so that we can be where they are and see reality through their eyes. All this is done through an agile, easy-to-use app based platform that serves as a window into consumer minds. If you don’t have an agile tool to observe in the moment and act fast, those who can will get ahead.

Streetbees captures thousands of real-life eating out moments across all channels and occasions all year round. We capture the context and emotion around their decision to understand the true motivations behind their choices and reveal untapped demand. Streetbees’ powerful approach to identifying hidden opportunities has been game-changing in exploring new demand spaces that tap into innovation, brand positioning and channel development.

Current data sets are insufficient in illuminating real consumer behaviour. But our AlwaysON approach captures consumers’ consumption and purchase moments throughout their journey across all channels, even capturing moments when consumers are not aware of their actual needs or using inefficient solutions. This way, we’re able to identify all the demand spaces / usage occasions and size these occasions to the SKU level, demonstrating the drivers of each including the competitive landscape. 

“With 40% of products used by consumers being outside of Nielsen’s database, Streetbees’ in the moment observation becomes critical to get closer to the consumer.”

Our proprietary Machine Learning technology takes all of our consumers’ in-the-moment data and identifies the most relevant patterns and commonalities, uncovering consumer-driven occasions and demand spaces in which your products can feature. We then examine not only the frequency of each occasion, but also it’s value in terms of spend-per-person. This allows us to prioritise next steps and focus on moments that will bring the greatest value to your business.

What value does Streetbees add to FMCGs?

Streetbees can identify consumer-driven occasions and demand spaces, while giving you the data to value and prioritise key opportunities. Streetbees allows leading FMCG brands to keep a finger on the pulse by helping them spot emerging categories, consumer groups, products and competitors, and change their activity and behaviour accordingly. Learn more about how you can leverage Streetbees to reveal consumer led growth - opportunities.